Political Science and Ideology
The Regional City An Anglo-American Discussion of Metropolitan Planning
The Rat A Study in Behavior
Public Expenditure
Caste Class and Democracy
Planned Behavior The Relationship between Human Thought and Action
The Theory of Interest
Prehistoric America An Ecological Perspective
The Politics of the American Civil Liberties Union
Foundations of Futures Studies Volume 1 History Purposes and Knowledge
Political Corruption Concepts and Contexts
The General Theory of Law and Marxism
The Social Influence Processes
The Monsoon Lands of Asia
Debating the Political Philosophy of Hegel
The Memorial Rituals Book for Healing and Hope
Theory of Technology
Controlling State Crime
1968 Year of Media Decision
Power Authority Justice and Rights Studies in Political Obligations
The Prevention of Cancer Pointers from Epidemiology
Gold Money and the Law
The Half-Opened Door Discrimination and Admissions at Harvard Yale and Princeton 1900-1970
Experimentation and Innovation in Psychotherapy
Conscience and Convenience The Asylum and Its Alternatives in Progressive America
Quantitative International Economics
Public Policy and Program Evaluation
Gone from the Promised Land Jonestown in American Cultural History
The Foundation of Phenomenology Edmund Husserl and the Quest for a Rigorous Science of Philosophy
Primate Societies Group Techniques of Ecological Adaptation
British and French Parliaments in Comparative Perspective
Political Alienation and Political Behavior
The Family in America Searching for Social Harmony in the Industrial Age
Resale Price Maintainance A Comparative American-European Perspective
Cults in Context Readings in the Study of New Religious Movements
Figures in a Western Landscape Men and Women of the Northern Rockies
Gifts and Nations The Obligation to Give Receive and Repay
Friendship as a Social Institution
Conflict Violence and Nonviolence
The Politics of the Black Nation A Twenty-five-year Retrospective
The Publishing Industry in China
The Toxic Schoolhouse
The Rate of Exchange and the Terms of Trade
Handbook of Administrative History
Fascism An Informal Introduction to Its Theory and Practice
Poverty Family and Kinship in a Heartland Community
Religion and the Law of Church and State and the Supreme Court
Re-educating Troubled Youth
History of Higher Education Annual 2003-2004
The New Agrarian Mind The Movement Toward Decentralist Thought in Twentieth-Century America
The Willowbrook Wars Bringing the Mentally Disabled into the Community
Ideal Islamic Economy An Introduction
Early Celtic Art From Its Origins to Its Aftermath
Conservatism Dream and Reality
Hidden Heritage Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese
From Caesar to the Mafia Persons Places and Problems in Italian Life
The Significance Test Controversy A Reader
God in the Movies
The Other 23 Hours Child Care Work with Emotionally Disturbed Children in a Therapeutic Milieu
Remembering Lives Conversations with the Dying and the Bereaved
The Origins and Character of the Ancient Chinese City Volume 1 The City in Ancient China
Conservatism Revisited The Revolt Against Ideology
Family and Child Well-being After Welfare Reform
The Pure Theory of International Trade
Post-Conflict Performance Film and Visual Arts Cities of Memory
MAPPING INDIAN DIASPORA Contestations and Representations
The Baluch Sunnism and the State in Iran From Tribal to Global
Ecowomanism Religion and Ecology
Chemistry of High-Energy Materials
Steelpan Ambassadors The US Navy Steel Band 1957-1999
Image Analysis
Beholding Christ and Christianity in African American Art
Sports Injuries Information for Teens Health Tips about Acute Traumatic and Chronic Injuries in Adolescent Athletes Including Facts about Sprains Fractures and Overuse Injuries Treatment Rehabilitation Sport-Specific Safety Guidelines Fitness Suggestions and More
Putnam and Beyond
Mental Health Information for Teens Health Tips about Mental Wellness and Mental Illness Including Facts about Recognizing and Treating Mood Anxiety Personality Psychotic Behavioral Impulse Control and Addiction Disorders
Between Generations Collaborative Authorship in the Golden Age of Childrens Literature
The People Growth and Survival
Psychological Modeling Conflicting Theories
Clinical Psychology The Study of Personality and Behavior
Rational Decision
Process and Pattern in Culture Essays in Honor of Julian H Steward
Conflict Displacement Learned Drives and Theory
Proper Peasants Social Relations in a Hungarian Village
Politics of Southern Equality Law and Social Change in a Mississippi County
Catholic High Schools and Minority Students
Technology and Terrorism
American Promise Equal Justice and Economic Opportunity
Put Away Institutions for the Mentally Retarded
Political Parties A Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy
De Gaulle Statesmanship Grandeur and Modern Democracy
A Reappraisal of Economic Development Perspectives for Cooperative Research
Cuban Communism 1959-2003
Future of the Humanities Teaching Art Religion Philosophy Literature and History
Price Theory
The Genesis of Platos Thought Second Edition
Political and Legal Obligation
The Politics of School Integration Comparative Case Studies
The Strategy of Desire
Fate Honor Family and Village Demographic and Cultural Change in Rural Italy Since 1800
In Pursuit of Prestige
Folk Song Style and Culture
Conflict Power and Games The Experimental Study of Interpersonal Relations
Children with Parents in Prison Child Welfare Policy Program and Practice Issues
Population in History Essays in Historical Demography Volume I General and Great Britain
Changing Frontiers in the Science of Psychotherapy
Adam Smith and the Founding of Market Economics
Population in History Essays in Historical Demography Volume II Europe and United States
Armed and Considered Dangerous A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms
X-Machines for Agent-Based Modeling FLAME Perspectives
Psychology and Race
The First New Nation The United States in Historical and Comparative Perspective
The Clash of Economic Cultures Japanese Bankers in the City of London
Regional Geography Theory and Practice
Large-Scale Machine Learning in the Earth Sciences
The Third Reich and the Palestine Question
Expectation Enterprise and Profit The Theory of the Firm
George Orwell The Politics of Literary Reputation
Political Elites in a Democracy
Doing Fieldwork The Correspondence of Robert Redfield and Sol Tax
Classification and Human Evolution
Culture and Social Psychiatry
Continuities in Cultural Evolution
Low Frequency Electromagnetics and Circuits
Control of Aggression Implications from Basic Research
Die spanische Reformation Sonderwege Reformatorischen Gedankenguts in Spanien Und Hispanoamerika
Handbook of Liver Disease
Euro Fantasy
Graphic Novels as Philosophy
China in the Mix Cinema Sound and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization
Emotionen Und Selbstreflexionen in Den Romanen Von Giovanni Arpino
Multi-Period Trading via Convex Optimization
Zwischen Krone und Kurie Sakrale Baukunst des 12 Jahrhunderts entlang der italienischen Wege nach Rom
Dream and Legacy Dr Martin Luther King in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Georgia MyLab Math Pilot Program -- Access Card -- for Basic College Mathematics (18 Weeks)
Les Errances de Frere Felix Pelerin En Terre Sainte En Arabie Et En Egypte Tome VI - Traite 6
Paleopathology of Children Identification of Pathological Conditions in the Human Skeletal Remains of Non-Adults
Advanced Structural Dynamics
Nutzungsweisen Bei Der Verwendung Von Tablet-Apps Eine Untersuchung Bei Zahlend Rechnenden Lernenden Zu Beginn Des Zweiten Schuljahres
Schuldrecht Allgemeiner Und Besonderer Teil
Soft Chemistry and Food Fermentation Volume 3
Tibet The Last Months of a Free Nation India Tibet Relations (1947-1962) Part 1
Mobile Technology and Academic Libraries Innovative Services for Research and Learning
Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 2e Nursing Practice Set
Entwicklungslinien Im Liberalen Protestantismus Von Kant Uber Strauss Schweitzer Und Bultmann Bis Zur Gegenwart
Natural Language and Possible Minds How Language Uncovers the Cognitive Landscape of Nature
FAO yearbook of forest products 2011-2015
Culture Behavior and Personality An Introduction to the Comparative Study of Psychosocial Adaptation
Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Communication Networks and the Internet
Becoming a Wildlife Professional
Innovative Earthquake Soil Dynamics
The Illusion of Economic Stability
The Emergence of the Trust Company in New York City 1870-1900
Herman Wouk The Novelist as Social Historian
Handbook on Measurement Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
Geometric Design of Roads Handbook
The Opium of the Intellectuals
The Supreme Court on Trial
Horizons of Anthropology
Donaldsons Essential Public Health
Motivation to Work
Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
New Studies in Multimodality Conceptual and Methodological Elaborations
Programmed Learning in Perspective A Guide to Program Writing
Politics without Power The National Party Committees
The Contexts of Social Mobility Ideology and Theory
The Concept of a University
Defamation Law in Australia
DAnnunzio The First Duce
The Rape of the Masses (1940) The Psychology of Totalitarian Political Propaganda
Giovanni Gentile Philosopher of Fascism
Surgeon Heal Thyself Optimising Surgical Performance by Managing Stress
General Economic History
Contemporary Hermeneutics Hermeneutics as Method Philosophy and Critique
Systems Research for Behavioral Science A Sourcebook
Practical Criticism A Study of Literary Judgment
A Survey of Primitive Money The Beginnings of Currency
Political Anthropology
Rebuilding Cities from Medieval to Modern Times
Community Nutrition
Crisis and Hope in American Education
The Manhattan Company Managing a Multi-Unit Corporation in New York 1799-1842
Handbook of Neural Computation
Information Visualization
Organic Trace Analysis
Carmina Profana
Sabina Spielrein The Woman and the Myth
Companion Animal Behaviour Problems Prevention and Management of Behaviour Problems in Veterinary Practice
Coming Too Late Reflections on Freud and Belatedness
Promises of Citizenship Film Recruitment of African Americans in World War II
Homicide Justified The Legality of Killing Slaves in the United States and the Atlantic World
Back to the Core Rethinking the Core Texts in Liberal Arts Sciences Education in Europe
Wandel Und Wertschatzung Synergien Fur Die Zukunft Von Kirchenraumen
Podcast Literacy Educational Accessible and Diverse Podcasts for Library Users
The Photograph Albums of Jean Dubuffet 1945-1963
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
French-Canadian Roots Researching Your French Canadian Family Tree and Genealogy
Steigerung Der Energieeffizienz Von Fabriken Der Automobilproduktion
The Theory of Mind as Pure ACT the Philosophic Basis of Fascism
Destiny The Secret Operations of the Yodog Exiles
Sustainable Design Through Process Integration Fundamentals and Applications to Industrial Pollution Prevention Resource Conservation and Profitability Enhancement
Appropriation Interpretation and Criticism Philosophical and Theological Exchanges Between the Arabic Hebrew and Latin Intellectual Traditions
Once a Peacock Once an Actress Twenty-Four Lives of the Bodhisattva from Haribhattas Jatakamala
Finance and Trade Under Edward III
Egyptian Female Labor Force Participation and the Future of Economic Empowerment
The Life and Death of Trade Unionism in the USSR 1917-1928
Data Analysis A Statistical Primer for Psychology Students
Politics and History
Causes of Delinquency
Despotism Social Evolution and Differential Reproduction
The Diversity Machine The Drive to Change the White Male Workplace
The Prophets of Israel and their Place in History
The Origins and Character of the Ancient Chinese City Volume 2 The Chinese City in Comparative Perspective
Rate of Profit Distribution and Growth Two Views
The People of the Book Drama Fellowship and Religion
Extrasensory Perception
Constitutional Dictatorship Crisis Government in the Modern Democracies
From State Church to Pluralism A Protestant Interpretation of Religion in American History
The Shaping of Foreign Policy
Age of Louis XIV The Rise of Modern Diplomacy
The Arid Zones
Family Group Conferencing New Directions in Community-Centered Child and Family Practice
Client and Agency Working Class Responses to Casework
Historical Sketch of the Cherokee
Description and Comparison in Cultural Anthropology
The Development of Mind
The Survival of a Counterculture Ideological Work and Everyday Life among Rural Communards
Therapeutic Culture Triumph and Defeat
The Work of History Constructivism and a Politics of the Past
Young People and Church Since 1900 Engagement and Exclusion
A Social History of Educational Studies and Research
Women Religion and Leadership Female Saints as Unexpected Leaders
Natural History Heritage Place and Politics
Towards a Political Economy of Resource-dependent Regions
Persuasion and Communication in Sport Exercise and Physical Activity
Nordic Dialogues on Children and Families
Organizing for Policy Influence Comparing Parties Interest Groups and Direct Action
Bodies and Suffering Emotions and Relations of Care
Shipbuilding Navigation and the Portuguese in Pre-modern India
New Mansions For Music Performance Pedagogy and Criticism
The Minoritisation of Higher Education Students An Examination of Contemporary Policies and Practice
Religion and Soft Power in the South Caucasus
Monastic Wanderers Nath Yogi Ascetics in Modern South Asia
The Politics and Culture of Globalisation India and Australia
Rethinking GK Chesterton and Literary Modernism Parody Performance and Popular Culture
Rethinking EU Consumer Law
Respectability as Moral Map and Public Discourse in the Nineteenth Century
Young Muslim Change-Makers Grassroots Charities Rethinking Modern Societies
Bruce Springsteen and Popular Music Rhetoric Social Consciousness and Contemporary Culture
Peace Leadership The Quest for Connectedness
US Foreign Policy towards China Cuba and Iran The Politics of Recognition
Womens Transitions from Prison The Post-Release Experience
Understanding Mega Free Trade Agreements The Political and Economic Governance of New Cross-Regionalism
Changing Taiwanese Identities
Physical Activity and Educational Achievement Insights from Exercise Neuroscience
Women and Cartography in the Progressive Era
Telling the Story of Translation Writers who Translate
Elis Internal Politics and External Policy in Ancient Greece
The Development of International Monetary Policy
An Archaeology of Skill Metalworking Skill and Material Specialization in Early Bronze Age Central Europe
Philanthropy in Practice Pragmatism and the Impact of Philanthropic Action
Childrens Rights and Refugee Law Conceptualising Children within the Refugee Convention
Origins of the North Korean Garrison State The Peoples Army and the Korean War
An Emerging Approach for Education and Care Implementing a Worldwide Classification of Functioning and Disability
Birds and Other Creatures in Renaissance Literature Shakespeare Descartes and Animal Studies
Science and the Truthfulness of Beauty How the Personal Perspective Discovers Creation
Muslim Pilgrimage in Europe
Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Change Advancing Decision-Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty
Big Data for Regional Science
Challenging the Cult of Self-Esteem in Education Education Psychology and the Subaltern Self
Enterprise Interoperability INTEROP-PGSO Vision
Public History and the Food Movement Adding the Missing Ingredient
Heideggers Black Notebooks Responses to Anti-Semitism
Juvenals Global Awareness Circulation Connectivity and Empire
Thomas Moore and Romantic Inspiration Poetry Music and Politics
Frontline Delivery of Welfare-to-Work Policies in Europe Activating the Unemployed
Living with Epidemics in Colonial Bengal
Basic Marketing Research (with Qualtrics 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card)
Women Soldiers and Citizenship in Israel Gendered Encounters with the State
Microfinance and Financial Inclusion The challenge of regulating alternative forms of finance
Managing Heritage in Africa Who Cares
Women and the Poetics of Dissent in the English Revolution
China and the Three Worlds A Foreign Policy Reader A Foreign Policy Reader
Keynes and The General Theory Revisited
Shaping Portland Anatomy of a Healthy City
The Muslim Other in Contemporary British Literature
Mediterranean Piracy and Slavery in World Literature Captivity Genres form Cervantes to Rousseau
Media and Crime in the US
Inter-Organizational Collaboration by Design
Gulls of the World A Photographic Guide
Languages and Literary Cultures in Hyderabad
Foreign Policies toward Taiwan
Socially Responsible Capitalism and Management
Media Piracy in Contemporary China
Development and Gender Capital in India Change Continuity and Conflict in Kerala
Art and Design Pedagogy in Higher Education Knowledge Values and Ambiguity in the Creative Curriculum
The Russian Discovery of Japan 1670-1800
The Legal Context of International Multimodal Transport From the UN Multimodal Transport Convention 1980 to the Rotterdam Rules 2009 and beyond
Festival Encounters Theoretical Perspectives on Festival Events
Revival The Highlanders of Central Asia A History 1895-1937(1993) A History 1937-1985
The Oxford Handbook of Offender Decision Making
Queering Families Schooling Publics Keywords
Masculinity Violence and Power in Modern Russia Men Guns and Identity
Plants in Contemporary Poetry Ecocriticism and the Botanical Imagination
An East Asian Challenge to Western Neoliberalism Critical Perspectives on the `China Model
Celibate and Childless Men in Power Ruling Eunuchs and Bishops in the Pre-Modern World
An Essay on Yugoslav Society
Israel the Church and Millenarianism A Way beyond Replacement Theology
Place and the Scene of Literary Practice
Shadow Banking Scope Origins and Theories
The Origins of Democracy in Russia
Sustainability in the Gulf Challenges and Opportunities
Tourism Resilience and Sustainability Adapting to Social Political and Economic Change
Education Poverty and Global Goals for Gender Equality How People Make Policy Happen
Think Tanks in the US and EU The Role of Policy Institutes in Washington and Brussels
Understanding the City through its Margins Pluridisciplinary Perspectives from Case Studies in Africa Asia and the Middle East
Theoretical Modeling of Organohalide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications
Power Procedure Participation and Legitimacy in Global Sustainability Norms A Theory of Collaborative Regulation
Clarks Publishing Agreements
Multicultural Politics of Recognition and Postcolonial Citizenship Rethinking the Nation
Philosophy in the Time of Economic Crisis Pragmatism and Economy
Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders A biopsychosocial approach
Nordic Childhoods 1700-1960 From Folk Beliefs to Pippi Longstocking
An Outline of the Aryan Civilization
Epistemology and Biblical Theology From the Pentateuch to Marks Gospel
Transaction and Hierarchy Elements for a Theory of Caste
Trans and Sexuality An existentially-informed enquiry with implications for counselling psychology
Russia-EU Relations and the Common Neighborhood Coercion vs Authority
Methodist Heritage and Identity
Political Catholicism and Euroscepticism The Deviant Case of Poland in Comparative Perspective
Re-thinking Legal Education under the Civil and Common Law A Road Map for Constructive Change
Iraqi Kurdistan the PKK and International Relations Theory and Ethnic Conflict
Chinas Presence in the Middle East The Implications of the One Belt One Road Initiative
Dignity and Human Rights Language Philosophy and Social Realizations
Mauritanias Colonels Political Leadership Civil-Military Relations and Democratization
Windows into a Revolution Ethnographies of Maoism in India and Nepal
Radical Schooling for Democracy Engaging Philosophy of Education for the Public Good
Geographies of Disorientation
The Zambezi River Basin Water and sustainable development
The Rationalization of the World Reason Re-Imagined
`Doing Coercion in Male Custodial Settings An Ethnography of Italian Prison Officers Using Force
Image Identity and John Wesley A Study in Portraiture
Global Hindu Diaspora Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Revitalising Leadership Putting Theory and Practice into Context
Marketing Communications A European Perspective
Reform of Soviet Economic Management
Realism and Social Theory Structure and Agency Revisited
Elite Women and the Agricultural Landscape 1700-1830
Rubens and the Eloquence of Drawing
Women Monstrosity and Horror Film Gynaehorror
Towards a Theory of Planned Economy
Becoming International in Japan Class Ethnicity and Early Childhood Education
Private Secretaries to the Prime Minister Foreign Affairs from Churchill to Thatcher
Religious Liberty and the Law Theistic and Non-Theistic Perspectives
School Bullying and Mental Health Risks intervention and prevention
Teaching and Learning Difficult Histories in International Contexts A Critical Sociocultural Approach
Civilians and Warfare in World History
The Russo-Japanese War and its Shaping of the Twentieth Century
The Shifting Global World of Youth and Education
Society and Education An Outline of Comparison
Reinhold Niebuhr and International Relations Theory Realism beyond Thomas Hobbes
Educational Reform and Environmental Concern A History of School Nature Study in Australia
Public Policy and the Neo-Weberian State
The Conservative Case for Education Against the Current
Climate Environmental Hazards and Migration in Bangladesh
Social Synthesis Finding Dynamic Patterns in Complex Social Systems
Successful Spoken English Findings from Learner Corpora
Collaborative Practice An International Perspective
Rose Macaulay Gender and Modernity
Special Operations Forces in the 21st Century Perspectives from the Social Sciences
Technology and the Stylistic Evolution of the Jazz Bass
Contesting Governing Ideologies An Educational Philosophy and Theory Reader on Neoliberalism Volume III
Sex in the Digital Age
The Colonies of Genoa in the Black Sea Region Evolution and Transformation
Streaming Music Practices Media Cultures
Rockites Magistrates and Parliamentarians Governance and Disturbances in Pre-Famine Rural Munster
Surreal Beckett Samuel Beckett James Joyce and Surrealism
The Ascent of John Company From Traders to Rulers (1756-1787)
Propaganda Persuasion and the Great War Heredity in the modern sale of products and political ideas
Jung and Kierkegaard Researching a Kindred Spirit in the Shadows
The International Business Environment and National Identity
Transition and Corporatism in South Korea
Advances in Biblical Hebrew Linguistics Data Methods and Analyses
Japanese Drama and Culture in the 1960s The Return of the Gods
Pedagogy in Poverty Lessons from Twenty Years of Curriculum Reform in South Africa
Cornerstones of Financial Accounting
Employment Policy in Emerging Economies The Indian Case
Rethinking Prehistoric Central Asia Shepherds Farmers and Nomads
Carbon-Neutral Architectural Design
George W Bushs Foreign Policies Principles and Pragmatism
The Crisis of the European Union Challenges Analyses Solutions
Rural Employment manpower problems in China
Gender and Gentrification
Religious Revival in Ethnic Areas of China
Istanbul Open City Exhibiting Anxieties of Urban Modernity
Practising Empowerment in Post-Apartheid South Africa Wine Ethics and Development
Education and Sustainability Paradigms Policies and Practices in Asia
Human Resource Management and the Global Financial Crisis Evidence from Indias IT BPO Industry
Human Rights and the Northern Ireland Conflict Law Politics and Conflict 1921-2014
Governing Europe in a Globalizing World Neoliberalism and its Alternatives following the 1973 Oil Crisis
Internal Migration in the Developed World Are we becoming less mobile
Affect Emotion and Childrens Literature Representation and Socialisation in Texts for Children and Young Adults
Aid Paradoxes in Afghanistan Building and Undermining the State
Dialogues in Urban and Regional Planning 6 The Right to the City
Faces of Homelessness in the Asia Pacific
Electoral Violence in the Western Balkans From Voting to Fighting and Back
Leading the Police A History of Chief Constables 1835-2017
Identity and Nation Building in Everyday Post-Socialist Life
International Arbitration Discourse and Practices in Asia
The Late Ottoman Empire and Egypt Hybridity Law and Gender
Decoding Technology Acceptance in Education A Cultural Studies Contribution
Historical Spoken Language Research Corpus Perspectives
Gender Responsive Justice A Critical Appraisal
Decentring Health Policy Learning from British Experiences in Healthcare Governance
African Peace Militaries War Peace and Democratic Governance
Gender and the Genocide in Rwanda Women as Rescuers and Perpetrators
Education and Extremisms Rethinking Liberal Pedagogies in the Contemporary World
Order and Disorder in the 21st Century Order and Disorder in the 21st Century
Lessons from the Teachers for a New Era Project Evidence and Accountability in Teacher Education
Gender Responsive Budgeting in Fragile States The Case of Timor-Leste
The Millennial City Trends Implications and Prospects for Urban Planning and Policy
The European Union and the Palestinians
Saving the World Girlhood and Evangelicalism in Nineteenth-Century Literature
Politics and Society in Post-Communist Hungary Arrested Transformation
Chinese Education and Society A Bibliographic Guide A Bibliographic Guide
Corporate imperialism Conflict and expropriation Conflict and expropriation
Cognition Metacognition and Academic Performance An East Asian Perspective
From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals Rethinking African Development
Natural Law and Religious Freedom The Role of Moral First Things in Grounding and Protecting the First Freedom
Non-State Social Protection Actors and Services in Africa Governance Below the State
Young Migrant Identities Creativity and Masculinity
The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan New Perspectives
In Community of Inquiry with Ann Margaret Sharp Childhood Philosophy and Education
New Horizons in Quranic Linguistics A Syntactic Semantic and Stylistic Analysis
Managing Social Purpose Driven Organizations Looking at the Third Sector
Chinese Approaches to Family Planning
Making Prestigious Places How Luxury Influences the Transformation of Cities
Israel the Arabs and Iran International Relations and Status Quo 2011-2016
ASEAN Reinvented From Crisis to Community and Charter
Social Stratification in Poland Eight Empirical Studies Eight Empirical Studies
An Unproclaimed Empire The Grand Duchy of Lithuania From the Viewpoint of Comparative Historical Sociology of Empires
Transitions to Modernity in Taiwan The Spirit of 1895 and the Cession of Formosa to Japan
Shedding New Light on Art Museum Additions Front Stage and Back Stage Experiences
Reorienting Socialism in the Twenty-First Century - The Chinese Experiences and Beyond
Digital Technologies and Generational Identity ICT Usage Across the Life Course
Open Borders Unlocked Cultures Romanian Roma Migrants in Western Europe
Anti-Corruption and its Discontents Local National and International Perspectives on Corruption in Papua New Guinea
Cultural Heritage Communities Technologies and Challenges
Neoliberalism and Urban Development in Latin America The Case of Santiago
Contemporary Japanese Economy
Higher Education and Social Inequalities University Admissions Experiences and Outcomes
Sport in Korea History development management
The Gay Science Intimate Experiments with the Problem of HIV
Revival Soviet Developmental Psychology An Anthology (1977)
But Thats Another Story
The Good Life Beyond Growth New Perspectives
Women Entrepreneurship in Family Business
Writing History in the Soviet Union Making the Past Work
Community and Trinity in Africa
Tantawi Jawhari and the Quran Tafsir and Social Concerns in the Twentieth Century
Afghanistan - Challenges and Prospects
Customer Loyalty and Supply Chain Management Business-to-Business Customer Loyalty Analysis
Consciousness in Jung and Patanjali
Global and World Art in the Practice of the University Museum
Decolonising Intercultural Education Colonial differences the geopolitics of knowledge and inter-epistemic dialogue
Counseling and Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transition From Research to Practice
The End of Physiotherapy
The History of the European Migration Regime Germanys Strategic Hegemony
Diverse Pedagogies of Place Educating Students in and for Local and Global Environments
Institutions Partisanship and Credibility in Global Financial Markets
Freedom of Expression and Religious Hate Speech in Europe
Humor and Chinese Culture A Psychological Perspective
Educational Leadership Theorising Professional Practice in Neoliberal Times
Environmental and Economic Impacts of Decarbonization Input-Output Studies on the Consequences of the 2015 Paris Agreements
The Break with the Past Avant-Garde Architecture in Germany 1910 - 1925
Borderline Virginities Sacred and Secular Virgins in Late Antiquity
Sociology Curriculum Studies and Professional Knowledge New Perspectives on the Work of Michael Young
Critical Realism for Welfare Professions
Gender and the Professions International and Contemporary Perspectives
Education and Democratic Participation The Making of Learning Communities
Arthur Sullivan A Musical Reappraisal
Dementia and Literature Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Distortion Social Processes Beyond the Structured and Systemic
Environment Climate Change Disaster Management
A Courageous Fool Marie Deans and Her Struggle against the Death Penalty
Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership
Fundamentals of English Grammar 4e Student Book with MyEnglishLab
Managing a Successful International Admissions Office NAFSAs Guide to International Admissions
Testimony Bearing Witness Epistemology Ethics History and Culture
German-Turkish Perspectives on IT and Innovation Management Challenges and Approaches
Next Generation Performance Management The Triumph of Science Over Myth and Superstition
Knowledge for Social Change Bacon Dewey and the Revolutionary Transformation of Research Universities in the Twenty-First Century
The Profession of Modeling and Simulation Discipline Ethics Education Vocation Societies and Economics
MAK- und BAT-Werte-Liste 2017 Standige Senatskommission zur Prufung gesundheitsschadlicher Arbeitsstoffe
Molecular Biotechnology Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA
Strategic Engineering of the Reed Reflections on Socio-Economic Strategy and Implementation
The Politics of Nuclear Energy in the European Union Framing the Discourse Actors Positions and Dynamics
General Chemistry I Student Study Guide
Metacognitive Knowledge Development Application and Improvement
NAFSAs Guide to International Student Recruitment
Minister of Finance Incorporated Ownership and Control of Corporate Malaysia
Disaster Recovery Project Management Bringing Order from Chaos
Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons 3-5 Using Childrens Books to Inspire STEM Learning
Teachers Personal Epistemologies Evolving Models for Informing Practice
The Transformational Odyssey Finding Your Path to Personal Transformation and Self-Renewal
Jan Kaplicky Drawings
Tutankhamuns Regent
Composing Processes and Artistic Agency Tacit Knowledge in Composing
Advertising Promotion and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications
Thinking about Science Reflecting on Art Bringing Aesthetics and Philosophy of Science Together
Valuing Profoundly Disabled People Fellowship Community and Ties of Birth
Living in an Age of Mistrust An Interdisciplinary Study of Declining Trust and How to Get it Back
RAF Bomber Command Operations during 1943 The Road to Berlin
The Psychology of Study Success in Universities
Tourism Resilience and Adaptation to Environmental Change Definitions and Frameworks
Valuing People in Construction
Police Use of Force under International Law
The War on People who Use Drugs The Harms of Swedens Aim for a Drug-Free Society
War in the History of Economic Thought Economists and the Question of War
Trade Policy Review - Guatemala 2016
Posthuman Dialogues in International Relations
Labour and Employment Compliance in England
Cultural Histories Memories and Extreme Weather A Historical Geography Perspective
Taboo Issues in Social Science
Glaubensempfehlungen Eine Anthropologische Sichtung Zeitgenossischer Predigtkultur
Heritage and the Legacy of the Past in Contemporary Britain
Effective Interventions for Unemployed Young People in Europe Social Innovation or Paradigm Shift
Teconomics of Millennial Economies
Albert Camus Et LEtat de Siege Genese DUn Spectacle
Aktienbewertung Theorie Und Anwendungsbeispiele
Citizen Z C1 Class Audio CDs (4)
Litigating Religious Land Use Cases
Towards Continental Environmental Policy North American Transnational Networks and Governance
North Carolina The History of a Southern State
Development Theory and Economic Thought Learning from Great Economists of the Twentieth Century
Media Law in Serbia
Cross-Border Evidence Gathering Equality of Arms Within the EU
Dark Red Levels 34 35 and 36 pack of 16 readers
The Health Professions Educator A Practical Guide for New and Established Faculty
Managing Alliance Portfolios and Networks
Tradition Ohne Vergangenheit Zur Sozialen Neudefinition Von Alpinen Maskenbrauchen
Lehrer- Und Unterrichtsforschung in Der Literaturdidaktik Konzepte Und Projekte
Internationalizing the Teaching of Psychology
Powered by Porsche - The Alternative Race Cars
Wirtschaftsdidaktische Lerndiagnostik Und Komplexitat Lokalisierung Liminaler Unsicherheitsphasen Im Hinblick Auf Schwellenubergange
SOMO and Photoredox Activations in Asymmetric Organocatalysis
Project Passion
Exam Pro on Professional Responsibility
The Complex and Dynamic Languaging Practices of Emergent Bilinguals
Contemporary Just War Theory and Practice
Fashion and Narrative in Victorian Popular Literature Double Threads
Women in International and Universal Exhibitions 1876-1937
Voice and Power in Africas Democracy Institutions Participation and Accountability
The Collected Works of Jane Cavendish
The International Politics of Eurasia v 5 State Building and Military Power in Russia and the New States of Eurasia
Arts Education and Curriculum Studies The Contributions of Rita L Irwin
Brazils Economy An Institutional and Sectoral Approach
Women Horseracing and Gender Becoming One of the Lads
Civilization at the Crossroads Social and Human Implications of the Scientific and Technological Revolution (International Arts and Sciences Press) Social and Human Implications of the Scientific and Technological Revolution
Rethinking Social Exclusion in India Castes Communities and the State
Local Legitimacy in Peacebuilding Pathways to Local Compliance with International Police Reform
Counterfeit Itineraries in the Global South The human consequences of piracy in China and Brazil
Capabilities Innovation and Economic Growth Policymaking for Freedom and Efficiency
The Religious Problem with Religious Freedom Why Foreign Policy Needs Political Theology
Chinese Economic Planning Translations from Chi-Hua Ching-Chi Translations From Chi-Hua Ching-Chi
Multilingual Currents in Literature Translation and Culture
Schumpeters Price Theory
The Role of Taiwanese Civil Society Organizations in Cross-Strait Relations
Pan-African Education A Must for the African Union
Neocolonial identity and counter-consciousness essays on cultural decolonization
London Londoners and the Great Fire of 1666 Disaster and Recovery
Venture Capital and Firm Performance The Korean Experience in a Global Perspective
Method Of Lines Analysis Of Turing Models
Empirical Research for Software Security Foundations and Experience
Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Discipline-based English Studies Enhancing Language Attainment and Classroom Interaction in a Multicultural Learning Environment
Queercore Queer Punk Media Subculture
The Conquest of Death Violence and the Birth of the Modern English State
Connected Vehicle Systems Communication Data and Control
Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements
3-in-1 Governing A Global Financial Centre
Smart Decisions in Complex Systems
Disability and Postsocialism
Congresss Constitution Legislative Authority and the Separation of Powers
Writing Hollywood The Work and Professional Culture of Television Writers
Ornament and European Modernism From Art Practice to Art History
The Cinematic Eighteenth Century History Culture and Adaptation
Forensic Identification An International Socio-Legal Perspective
Translation in Russian Contexts Culture Politics Identity
The Impact of Parenthood on the Therapeutic Relationship Awaiting the Therapists Baby
Surrealism and the Gothic Castles of the Interior
The Chronicle of a Peoples War The Military and Strategic History of the Cambodian Civil War 1979-1991
Language in Tanzania (1980)
Rural Education (1991) Issues and Practice
An Artist as Soldier Seeking Refuge in Love and Art
Gay Mens Working Lives Retirement and Old Age
Ask What You Can Do For Your (New) Country How Host States Use Diasporas
TExES Social Studies 7-12 (232) Study Guide Test Prep Practice Test Questions for the TExES Social Studies Exam
Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery
The Absence of God in Biblical Rape Narratives
EU General Data Protection Regulation A Guide to the New Law
Die Auspraegung Des Glaeubigerschutzes in Der Geschichtlichen Entwicklung Des Aktienrechts
Wendy Wasserstein
Law School Success in a Nutshell A Guide to Studying Law and Taking Law School Exams
Steuerdaten-CDs Und Demokratischer Rechtsstaat
Concise Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
British Horror Films of the 1970s
Embedded System Design Embedded Systems Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things
Commentary on the Gospels English translation and introduction
This Practice Against Law Cuban Slave Trade Cases in the Southern District of New York 1839-1841
A Practical Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Claims
Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2017 Part 1 Internal Audit Basics
Scaling Networks v6 Companion Guide
Human Resource Information Systems Basics Applications and Future Directions
Experiment and Evaluation in Information Retrieval Models
Synthesis And Applications Of Optically Active Nanomaterials
Legacies and Mega Events Fact or Fairy Tales
King Edward III
Cross-Gender China Across Yin-Yang Across Cultures and Beyond Jingju
Waste Treatment in the Service and Utility Industries
Social Research in Health and Illness Case-Based Approaches
Radical Left Movements in Europe
The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model Principles and Applications Second Edition
Limits to EU Powers A Case Study of EU Regulatory Criminal Law
Functional Behavioral Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment A Complete System for Education and Mental Health Settings
Australian Trusts Tax Handbook 2017-18 Nutshell Trusts
Henry Ossawa Tanner Art Faith Race and Legacy
Quality Health Care
The Concept of the Animal and Modern Theories of Art
Lessons in Tanya Large Edition - Slipcased
Physical Activity and the Abdominal Viscera Responses in Health and Disease
Contemporary Architecture in Malta
Why People Do the Things They Do Building on Julius Kuhls Contributions to the Psychology of Motivation and Volition 2017
Gilbert Law Summary on Torts
Architectures Poverty
Fractional and Multivariable Calculus Model Building and Optimization Problems
Atheism and the Christian Faith
Academic Library Management Case Studies
Jesus Handbuch
Handlungsbegriff Und Erz hlstrukturen Im Zeitgen ssischen Musiktheater F r Junges Publikum
Inequalities An Approach Through Problems
Criminal Finances Act 2017 A Guide to the New Law
Complex Litigation Problems in Advanced Civil Procedure
Civil Society Organizations in the Hybrid Regime of Nicaragua Challenging or Maintaining the Status Quo
2018 ICD-10-CM Expert for Hospitals
Securities Regulation Statutory Supplement 2017 Edition
Image Processing
If You Dont Laugh Youll Cry The Occupational Humor of White Wisconsin Prison Workers
Perioperative Management in Robotic Surgery
Software Engineering and Formal Methods 15th International Conference SEFM 2017 Trento Italy September 4-8 2017 Proceedings
Values Cockpits Measuring and Steering Corporate Cultures
Popes the Catholic Church and the Transatlantic Enslavement of Black Africans 1418-1839
Silence in Philosophy Literature and Art
Ecism - Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Information Systems Management
Advances in Databases and Information Systems 21st European Conference ADBIS 2017 Nicosia Cyprus September 24-27 2017 Proceedings
The Night World Collection Daughters of Darkness Spellbinder Dark Angel The Chosen Soulmate Huntress Black Dawn Witchlight
Religion Disability and Interpersonal Violence
Das Italienische Sakramentstabernakel Im 16 Jahrhundert Tempietto-Architekturen En Miniature Zur Aufbewahrung Der Eucharistie
Multivariate Methods and Forecasting with IBM (R) SPSS (R) Statistics
Carlos Bulosan-Revolutionary Filipino Writer in the United States A Critical Appraisal
Transnationalism Nationalism and Australian History
New Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Diagnosis and Risk Evaluation of Arterial Hypertension
The Economics of American Art Issues Artists and Market Institutions
Mega-Regional Trade Agreements
Stochastic Modelling in Production Planning Methods for Improvement and Investigations on Production System Behaviour
Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage Systems
Where the Land Meets the Sea Fourteen Millennia of Human History at Huaca Prieta Peru
SiP System-in-Package Design and Simulation Mentor EE Flow Advanced Design Guide
Logic Language Information and Computation 24th International Workshop WoLLIC 2017 London UK July 18-21 2017 Proceedings
The Philosophical Imagination Selected Essays
Modelling the Upper Atmosphere of Gas-Giant Exoplanets Irradiated by Low-Mass Stars
Insights from Linguistics Insights from Linguistics
Fundamentals of Computation Theory 21st International Symposium FCT 2017 Bordeaux France September 11-13 2017 Proceedings
Numerical Methods for Eulerian and Lagrangian Conservation Laws
The Ethics of Technology A Geometric Analysis of Five Moral Principles
Criminal Defence Good Practice in the Criminal Courts
Housing the New Romans Architectural Reception and Classical Style in the Modern World
Pattern Recognition 39th German Conference GCPR 2017 Basel Switzerland September 12-15 2017 Proceedings
Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns 17th International Conference CAIP 2017 Ystad Sweden August 22-24 2017 Proceedings Part I
Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development 25th International Conference ICCBR 2017 Trondheim Norway June 26-28 2017 Proceedings
Backward Stochastic Differential Equations From Linear to Fully Nonlinear Theory
Digital Forensics and Watermarking 16th International Workshop IWDW 2017 Magdeburg Germany August 23-25 2017 Proceedings
Chemical Reaction Kinetics Concepts Methods and Case Studies
Database and Expert Systems Applications 28th International Conference DEXA 2017 Lyon France August 28-31 2017 Proceedings Part II
Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery 20th IAPR International Conference DGCI 2017 Vienna Austria September 19 - 21 2017 Proceedings
Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns 17th International Conference CAIP 2017 Ystad Sweden August 22-24 2017 Proceedings Part II
Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery 19th International Conference DaWaK 2017 Lyon France August 28-31 2017 Proceedings
Kompetenz Des Unternehmers Die
Plural Governance Eine Management- Und Organisationstheoretische Analyse Sowie Effizienzbewertung Von Concurrent Sourcing Und Concurrent Exploitation
A Study on Silver Workers Residing in Vadodara City
Loose Leaf for Advertising and Promotion
Fundamentals of English Grammar 4e Student Book with MyLab English International Edition
Systemkompetenz Fur Entrepreneure Entwicklung Der Entrepreneurialen Systemkompetenz Und Eines Diagnoseinstruments
Innovationen Im Zeitalter Der Digitalisierung Chancen Und Herausforderungen Fur Topmanager Und Mitarbeiter
Besteuerung Nach Dem Aufwand in Der Schweiz Die
The Sharp Sickle Text Book of Eschatology
Production Phase-Out
Die Innenhaftung Des Verwaltungsrats Einer Monistisch Verfassten Se Mit Sitz in Deutschland Ein Rechtsvergleich Mit Dem Amerikanischen Board-System
Ergaenzungen Und Angaben Und Sonst Nichts Die Syntaktische Umgebung Des Deutschen Verbs Und Ihre Gliederung
The Walkable City
Kurdistan The Quest for Representation and Self-Determination
Beta Estimates for Valuation and Cost of Capital as of the End of 1st Quarter 2017
Catalogue of Etruscan Objects in World Museum Liverpool
Smart System for Invasive Measurement of Biomedical Parameters
Gesellschaftsepochen Und Ihre Kunstwelten
Sprachliche Schluesselkompetenzen Und Die Ausbildungsreife Jugendlicher Leseverstehen Hoerverstehen Muendliches Und Schriftliches Formulieren Bei Hauptschulabsolventen Deutscher Und Nichtdeutscher Muttersprache
Basic English Grammar 4e Student Book with MyEnglishLab
A Dark History of Modern Philosophy
Selected Sections on United States International Taxation
Does Politics Matter in Corporate Life Political Influence on European Listed Corporations
Men Masculinities and Childcare
The Roman Republic 264-44 BC
Childcare Workers Global Migration and Digital Media
The Assyrian Genocide Cultural and Political Legacies
Archaeology Behind the Battle Lines The Macedonian Campaign (1915-19) and its Legacy
Regionalization and Harmonization in TVET Proceedings of the 4th UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET 2016) November 15-16 2016 Bandung Indonesia
Managing Local Government An Essential Guide for Municipal and County Managers
Reading the Psychosomatic in Medical and Popular Culture Something Nothing Everything
How to Meet Objectives Through Journaling
The Wolf at the Door The Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Governance
Living Before Dying Imagining and Remembering Home
Introduction to Public Librarianship
The The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology 2 Volume Paperback Set The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology Volume 2
Structural Dynamics Concepts and Applications
Bernard Shaw and William Archer
Functional Polymeric Composites Macro to Nanoscales
Ansprueche Bei Verlust Eines Gmbh-Anteils Aufgrund Gutglaeubigen Erwerbs
Law for Nurse Leaders
Migration in the Western Mediterranean Space Mobility and Borders
Pietismus Und Neuzeit Band 42 - 2016
Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity Environmental Impacts and Analysis of Drought and Water Scarcity
Nursing Theorists and Their Work
Microgrid Dynamics and Control
Language Ideologies Critical Perspectives on the Official English Movement Volume II History Theory and Policy
House Inspector
Methods in Stream Ecology Volume 2 Ecosystem Function
JCT SBC16 Project Pack
Public Reason in Political Philosophy Classic Sources and Contemporary Commentaries
History of Professional Nursing in the United States Toward a Culture of Health
Public procurement review of Mexicos PEMEX adapting to change in the oil industry
JCT DB16 Project Pack
Lectures on Hyperhamiltonian Dynamics and Physical Applications
Advanced Nanodielectrics Fundamentals and Applications
Conjugated Objects Developments Synthesis and Applications
Looseleaf for Aims of Argument A Text and Reader MLA Update 2016
Architectural Ragtime The Houses of Geo F Barber Co
Yogurt in Health and Disease Prevention
Rogers Manual de cuidados intensivos pediatricos
Disentangling Dyslexia Phonological and Processing Deficit in Developmental Dyslexia
The Big One The Great American Eclipse and Its Impact on the Markets
Estudios de la Ocde Sobre Gobernanza Publica Estudio Sobre Las Contrataciones Publicas de Pemex Adaptandose Al Cambio En La Industria Petrolera
Becoming Diasporically Moroccan Linguistic and Embodied Practices for Negotiating Belonging
Prion Protein Volume 150
Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature Literary and Cultural Essays
Finite and Profinite Quantum Systems
Operating System Concepts 10e Wiley E-Text Student Package
International Primary English as a Second Language Teacher Guide Stage 4
Supply Chain-Based Category Strategies for Global Supply Networks
Pat Metheny The ECM Years 1975-1984
American Furniture 2016
Traditional Organic Farming Practices
Enterococci Bacterial Diseases Risk Factors Molecular Biology Antibiotic Resistance
Lacan and Fantasy Literature Portents of Modernity in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Fiction
Advances in Genetics Volume 97
Portal Hypertension New Insights
Territorial tools for agro-industry development a sourcebook
Cambridge IGCSE (TM) Malay Teachers Guide
Theologie ALS Wissenschaft Eine Fundamentaltheologie Aus Phaenomenologischer Leitperspektive
Maximizing the benefits of mega events for tourism development
Daten in Der Erbmasse Der Digitale Nachlass Zwischen Erbgang Und Rechtsdurchsetzung
Culture(s) in International Relations
Bronchiolitis Observations Interventions Patient Care Considerations
Modelling Protocells The Emergent Synchronization of Reproduction and Molecular Replication
New Mylab Psychology Without Pearson Etext -- Standalone Access Card -- For Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood A Cultural Approach
Portable Moving Images A Media History of Storage Formats
Daf-Uebungsgrammatiken Zwischen Sprachwissenschaft Und Didaktik Perspektiven Auf Die Semanto-Pragmatische Dimension Der Grammatik
Varicose Veins Practical Guides in Interventional Radiology
Requirements for Certification of Teachers Counselors Librarians Administrators for Elementary and Secondary Schools Eighty-Second Edition 2017-2018
Love to Excel A Financial Modeling Masterclass for the Analyst in You
Street Drainage Design and Modeling
Neue Wege Zur Durchsetzung Des Verbraucherrechts
Seismic Data Interpretation using Digital Image Processing
Solis Magazine Issue 23 - Summer Edition 2017
Blood on the Stage 1600 to 1800 Milestone Plays of Murder Mystery and Mayhem
Media Society Technology Industries Content and Users
Argumentation The Art of Civil Advocacy
Sexualities Research Critical Interjections Diverse Methodologies and Practical Applications
A-Z Guide to Modern Social and Political Theorists
Time of the Faeries Generation 5 Art Book
Cross on Evidence 11th edition (Cased)
A Goddess in Motion Visual Creativity in the Cult of MarA-a Lionza
The Oxford Handbook of Polysynthesis
Eastern Europe 1740-1985 Feudalism to Communism
The Papist Represented Literature and the English Catholic Community 1688-1791
Contesting Deregulation Debates Practices and Developments in the West since the 1970s
Writing and America
Readers Reading and Reception of Translated Fiction in Chinese Novel Encounters
Fundamentals of Humanoid Robots An Intelligent System Approach
Shakespeare and Cultural Materialist Theory
Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity Principles of Drought and Water Scarcity
Interiors Beyond Architecture
Rural Isolation and Dual Cultural Existence The Japanese-American Kona Coffee Community
Pocket ECGs for Nurses
Transformative Aesthetics
Tumors and Cancers Central and Peripheral Nervous System
How Will They Know If Im Dead Transcending Disability and Terminal Illness
Practical Genetic Counselling
Bearing Witness to Change Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Practice
An Endogenous Theory of Property Rights
The Political Economy of HIV in Africa The Political Economy of HIV in Africa
Essential Knowledge and Skills for Healthcare Assistants
Colonial Policing and the Transnational Legacy The Global Dynamics of Policing Across the Lusophone Community
Celebrity Convergence and Transformation
Policing Undocumented Migrants Law Violence and Responsibility
Complete Revision Notes for Medical and Surgical Finals
Global Land Grabbing and Political Reactions from Below
CBT A Clinicians Guide to Using the Five Areas Approach
Neurological Drug Reactions and Interactions
The Guidebook for Patient Counseling
Queer European Cinema Queering Cinematic Time and Space
Miles Davis A Research and Information Guide
Psychology for Nurses and Health Professionals
The Economy of Colonial Malaya Administrators versus Capitalists
Art History and the Cold War
Community Development and Democratic Practice
Compartmental Distribution Of Radiotracers
The Lived Experience in Mental Health
Advances in Foundational Mass Communication Theories
An Overheated World An Anthropological History of the Early Twenty-first Century
The Dilemma of Western Philosophy
Shushan the Capital Inspiring Quotes
Mental Health Law 2EA Practical Guide
Friedrich Max Muller and the Role of Philology in Victorian Thought
JM Coetzee Fictions of the Real
Equality and Representation New Perspectives in Democratic Theory
Final Journeys Migrant End-of-life Care and Rituals in Europe
Borders Conflict Zones and Memory Scholarly engagements with Luisa Passerini
Stuart Hall Lives Cultural Studies in an Age of Digital Media
Humanising Psychiatry and Mental Health Care The Challenge of the Person-Centred Approach
Chlorinated Insecticides Biological and Environmental Aspects Volume II
Breathing on the Roof of the World Memoir of a Respiratory Physiologist
Weltfraktale Wege Durch Die Literaturen Der Welt
The Bedford Researcher Writers Help 20 Hacker Version (Twelve-Month Access)
The Fifa 18 Guidebook Fifa 18
State and Society in British India Institutional Development and the Imperial Legacy
Babylon - Mallorca Figurationen Des Komischen Im Deutschsprachigen Exilroman
Biblisches Hebraisch Textorientiertes Lehrbuch
Kids Empowered! Know Grow and Show a Real Relationship with God
Italian Cookbook - Ideal for Any Event 50 Best Recipes Pizzas and Pasta for Beginners Full Color
Software Technologies 11th International Joint Conference ICSOFT 2016 Lisbon Portugal July 24-26 2016 Revised Selected Papers
Flood Damage Survey and Assessment New Insights from Research and Practice
The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript Text Collections from a European Perspective
Text in the Natural World Topics in the Evolutionary Theory of Literature
Supra-Gingival Minimally Invasive Dentistry A Healthier Approach to Esthetic Restorations
Moderate Fundamentalists Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in the Lens of Cognitive Science of Religion
Three-Tier Shared Spectrum Shared Infrastructure and a Path to 5G
Collaborate Computing Networking Applications and Worksharing 12th International Conference CollaborateCom 2016 Beijing China November 10-11 2016 Proceedings
Victim Participation in International Criminal Justice Practitioners Guide
Jerky Recipes Delicious Jerky Recipes a Jerky Cookbook with Beef Turkey Fish Game Venison Ultimate Jerky Making Impress Friends with Your Homemade Jerky Recipes Have Winning Jerky!
A Catalog of the Richard E Hughes Archive
Investigating Fascism Crime Mystery and the Fascist Ventennio in the Historical Novel
The Econometrics of Multi-dimensional Panels Theory and Applications
Publics Elites and Constitutional Change in the UK A Missed Opportunity
Public Policy in Agriculture Impact on Labor Supply and Household Income
The Contribution of Family Medicine to Improving Health Systems A Guidebook from the World Organization of Family Doctors
Raised on Christian Milk Food and the Formation of the Soul in Early Christianity
The Structural Change of Knowledge and the Future of the Social Sciences
History in the World
American Constitutional Law Introductory Essays and Selected Cases
Development Assistance for Peacebuilding
The Reparative Effects of Human Rights Trials Lessons From Argentina
The Idea of Failed States Community Society Nation and Patterns of Cohesion
450 Single Best Answers in the Clinical Specialities
Restless Secularism Modernism and the Religious Inheritance
A Global Portrait of Counselling Psychology
Food Practices and Social Inequality Looking at Food Practices and Taste across the Class Divide
Phraseology in Legal and Institutional Settings A Corpus-based Interdisciplinary Perspective
Three Centuries of Northern Population Censuses
Energy For Water Regional Case Studies
Third World Approaches to International Law On Praxis and the Intellectual
The People and the State Twenty-First Century Protest Movement
Culture as a System How We Know the Meaning and Significance of What We Do and Say
An Introduction to Ancient Greek
A Changing Art Nineteenth-Century Painting Practice and Conservation
British Female Emigration Societies and the New World 1860-1914
Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy The Theoretical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention
Advanced Simulation-Based Methods for Optimal Stopping and Control With Applications in Finance
Managing Inpatriation Making Assignments More Effective
Physiology and Anatomy for Nurses and Healthcare Practitioners A Homeostatic Approach Third Edition
Joining Technology of gamma-TiAl Alloys
Tourism Conflict and Contested Heritage in Former Yugoslavia
Diversity in Gender and Visual Representation
Federalism and Decentralization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Cohabitation in Europe A revenge of history
Pharmacy Practice
Women in Fifties Britain A New Look
The Federal Idea Public Law Between Governance and Political Life
A City of Heretics Francois Laruelles Non-Philosophy and its variants
Sport in Underdeveloped and Conflict Regions
Pediatric Pathology A Course Review
The Legacy of Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front - A One-Party State Facilitating Dictatorship and Disregard for Human Rights
Early Childhood Pedagogies Creating Spaces for Young Children to Flourish
Energetics of Secretion Responses Volume I
CRC Handbook of Nucleobase Complexes
Pillars of Destiny Foundations in the Chinese Zodiac for Psychic Entertainers
A Feminist Perspective on Human Trafficking of Women and Girls Characteristics Commonalities and Complexities
Core Curriculum for Pain Management Nursing
For the Good of the Nation Institutions for Jewish Children in Interwar Poland
Teeth Marks
Introduction to Unity 3D with C The Exodus Adventure
Finding the Answers to Legal Questions
Differential Equations with Linear Algebra Crash Course All of the Most Common Equations Formulas and Solution from Algebra Trigonometry Calculus Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Future Fragmentation Processes Effectively Engaging with the Ascendancy of Global Value Chains
Introduction to MATLAB
A Practical Guide to the Transfer of Trusteeships Third edition
Kants International Relations The Political Theology of Perpetual Peace
A Study of T C Chaos Christology in the Social Context of China (1920-1949)
Interkulturelles User Interface Design Von Der Idee Zum Erfolgreichen Produkt
Water from Stone Archaeology and Conservation at Floridas Springs
Visual C Homework Projects An Intermediate Step-By-Step Tutorial
Wissensvermittlung in Der Kinder- Und Jugendliteratur Der Ddr Themen Formen Strukturen Illustrationen
A First Course in Engineering Drawing
An Introduction to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Communication in Palliative Care Clear Practical Advice Based on a Series of Real Case Studies
Pocket Prescriber 2015
Effective Leadership A Cure for the NHS
Essentials of Pharmacy Law
Blacks Medical Dictionary
Latin American Cultural Studies A Reader
Magnetoelectric Polymer-Based Composites Fundamentals and Applications
Frenchs Index of Differential Diagnosis An A-Z 1
How Drugs Work Basic Pharmacology for Health Professionals Fourth Edition
Making Sense of Critical Appraisal
Cardiovascular Physiology Questions for Self Assessment
The Wyoming State Constitution
MRCPsych Passing the CASC Exam Second Edition
Forensic Psychiatry Essential Board Review
Get Through Trauma Examinations
Monsters Demons and Psychopaths Psychiatry and Horror Film
Introduction to the Process of Research Methodology Considerations
The Ukraine Conflict Security Identity and Politics in the Wider Europe
Sounds of Liberty Music Radicalism and Reform in the Anglophone World 1790-1914
Get Through MRCOG Part 2 EMQs
Fundamental British Values
Russia Ukraine and Contemporary Imperialism
Making Human Rights News Balancing Participation and Professionalism
Police and the Unarmed Black Male Crisis Advancing Effective Prevention Strategies
From Olympic Administration to Olympic Governance
Health Promotion in Midwifery Principles and practice
Ethnic Politics and Conflict Violence State of the Field and New Directions
Dwelling in Mobile Times Places Practices and Contestations
Humiliation in International Relations A Pathology of Contemporary International Systems
Laws Judgement
Senseless Violence and Its Ramifications
A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses
Intellectual Property Medicine and Health
Translating National Allegories The Case of Crime Fiction
Overcoming Depression and Low Mood A Five Areas Approach Fourth Edition
Immigrant Incorporation in Political Parties Exploring the diversity gap
Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers 2017 Edition Volume 37
Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians
Entrepreneurship Community and Community Development
Sentient Conceptualisations Feeling for Time in the Sciences of the Past
Playing with Americas Doll A Cultural Analysis of the American Girl Collection
Rethinking Research Methods in an Age of Digital Journalism
The Impact of WTO Membership A Comparative Analysis of China Russia and Ukraine
Democratic Decline in Hungary Law and Society in an Illiberal Democracy
Smoothies for Everyone 40 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Beauty Weight Loss Fitness and Wellness
Revel for Marriages and Families Diversity and Change -- Access Card
Kraus Recreation Leisure In Modern Society
Mexican Appetizer Cookbook 25 Recipes of Mexican Appetizers Salads Snacks Salsa for Any Occasions
Cities and the Circulation of Culture in the Atlantic World From the Early Modern to Modernism
The Great War and the Moving Image
Optimization and Differentiation
Federal Challenges and Challenges to Federalism
Unter Freiem Himmel -- Under the Open Sky Artists Working with Alternative Photography
Ghosts in the Machine Rethinking Learning Work and Culture in Air Traffic Control
Advances in Social Media for Travel Tourism and Hospitality New Perspectives Practice and Cases
The Shadow Banking System Creating Transparency in the Financial Markets
Essays on the Foundations of Ethics
Invisible Scars Mental Trauma and the Korean War
Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics
Psychoactive Plants Ethical Issues and Basic Evaluations
Rechtsnatur Und Rechtswirkungen Des Flaechennutzungsplans
English Quasi-Numeral Classifiers A Corpus-Based Cognitive-Typological Study
Mobile Positioning and Tracking From Conventional to Cooperative Techniques
Europaische Integration Und Die Kirchen Teil 3 Die Personen Und Kontexte
Academic Literacy A Holistic Approach
The Archaeology of American Mining
Vocal Health and Pedagogy Science Assessment and Treatment
Caldo Verde Is Not Stone Soup Persons Names Words and Proverbs in Portuguese America
All About Almodo vars Men
Visual C for Kids A Step by Step Computer Programming Tutorial
Principles of Spinning Fibres and Blow Room Cotton Processing in Spinning
Visual Basic Homework Projects An Intermediate Step-By-Step Tutorial
A European Social Union after the Crisis
My Favorite Animal (Set)

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