An Authentic and Accurate Journal of the Late Siege of Gibraltar from the Day on Which the Communication Between That Garrison and Spain Was Shut Up to the Arrival of the Thetis Frigate with the Preliminary Articles of Peace
A Review of the Government and Grievances of the Province of Quebec Since the Conquest of It by the British Arms to Which Is Added an Appendix Containing Extracts from Authentic Papers
The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris for the Year 1792 Published by Order of the Commissioners of Longitude
The Candid Friend Addressed to a Young Gentleman
A Complete Collection of Old and New English and Scotch Songs with Their Respective Tunes Prefixed of 2 Volume 1
A Parody on the Rosciad of Churchill to Which Amongst Other Pieces Are Added Several Occasional Essays Addressed to Mr Lee Lewes Upon His Exhibition of Mr Alexander Stevenss Lecture on Heads
The Motives Which Have Determined the City of Glasgow to Desert the Blackfriar Church and Betake Themselves to a Chapel in a Letter from Pr--F--R- to H- M- Esq Airshire
A Dissertation on the Chief Obstacles to the Improvement of Land and Introducing Better Methods of Agriculture Throughout Scotland
The History of Miss Pittborough in a Series of Letters by a Lady in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 1
The Whole Life and Merry Exploits of Bold Robin Hood Earl of Huntingdon to Which Is Added Several Songs Not in the Former Impressions with the Whole History of Johnny Armstrong of Westmoreland
A Select Collection of the Most Interesting Letters on the Government Liberty and Constitution of England Which Have Appeared in the Different News-Papers the Second Edition of 4 Volume 1
The Poetical Works of Will Shenstone in Two Volumes with the Life of the Author and a Description of the Leasowes Bells Second Edition of 2 Volume 2
The Gentlemans Compleat Jockey With the Perfect Horse-Man and Experiencd Farrier to Which Is Added the Art of Vermine-Killing by A S Gent
A School for Fathers A Comic Opera As Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Words and Music by the Author and Composer of the Padlock
Thoughts on Finance Suggested by the Measures of the Present Session by the Earl of Lauderdale
Seasonable Reflections Upon the Importance of the Name of England Wherein It Is Enquired Whether the Disuse of That Name Hath Not Sensibly Hurt and Diminished the Strength of Our Native Country by John Free
Address to the Society for the Improvement of British Wool Constituted at Edinburgh on Monday January 31 1791 by Sir John Sinclair Bart the Second Edition
Pizarro A Tragedy in Five Acts As Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane Taken from the German Drama of Kotzebue And Adapted to the English Stage by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Seventh Edition
Observations Moral and Political Particularly Respecting the Necessity of Good Order and Religious Oeconomy in Our Prisons Occasioned by Fidelios Letters by J H Esq
Report from the Committee of Secrecy of the House of Commons in Ireland as Reported by Viscount Castlereagh August 21 1798
A Letter to an August Assembly on the Present Posture of Affairs Wherein the Hard Treatment of Mr Wilkes and the Cause of Riots Are Duly Considered and Remedies Provided
Or a Short and Easy Treatise on That Subject to Which Is Added a Collection of the Best Church-Tunes Canons and Anthems by Robert Bremner
Tancred and Sigismunda a Tragedy by James Thomson to Which Is Prefixed the Life of the Author
Being a New Method of Teaching Children and Adult Persons to Read Write and Understand the English Tongue by Henry Boad the Second Edition Revised Corrected and Augmented by the Author
The Ceremony-Monger His Character In Five Chapters the Ninth Edition with Additions by E Hickeringill
Report of a Committee of West-India Planters and Merchants on the Subject of a Bill Depending in Parliament for Forming Wet Docks c at the Port of London November 16 1797
Debate of the Commons of Great-Britain on the Articles of Peace Monday Feb 17 1783
Hai Tou Anakreontos Odai Kai Ta Tes Sapphous Kai Ta Tou Alkaiou Leipsana
Poiema Nouthetikon Or the Preceptive Poem of Phocylides Translated Into English to Which Are Subjoind Notes by J Hart
Memorial of Colonel James Capper Addressed to the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East India Company
Mentors Letters Addressed to Youth by Edmund Rack the Fourth Edition Revised and Enlarged
Measure for Measure a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres in London and Dublin Written by William Shakespear
Observations on the Doctrine Laid Down by Sir William Blackstone Respecting the Extent of the Power of the British Parliament Particularly with Relation to Ireland in a Letter to Sir William Blackstone
Seventy Four Select Cases with the Manner of Cure and the Preparation of the Remedies in the Following Diseases the Whole Being an Appendix to the Treatises Already Published on These Subjects by William Rowley MD the Second Edition
Strictures in Vindication of Some of the Doctrines Misrepresented by MrFoot in His Two Pamphlets Entitled Observations Upon the New Opinions John Hunter in His Late Treatise on the Venereal Disease
Memorial for the Merchant Company and Trades of Edinburgh Pursuers Against the Magistrates Ministers and Council of the City of Edinburgh Governours of George Heriots Hospital and Others Defenders
The Christian School-Master Or the Duty of Those Who Are Employed in the Publick Instruction of Children Especially in Charity-Schools to Which Is Added a Collection of Prayers Upon Several Occasions by James Talbott a New Edition
Caution Recommended in the Use and Application of Scripture Language a Sermon Preached July 15 1777 in the Cathedral Church of Carlisle at the Visitation of the Right Reverend Edmund Lord Bishop of Carlisle by William Paley the Fourth Edition
General View of the Agriculture in the County of Dumbarton With Observations on the Means of Its Improvement by the Rev David Ure Preacher of the Gospel Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
A Vindication of Providence Or a True Estimate of Human Life in Which the Passions Are Considerd in a New Light Preached in St Georges Church Near Hanover-Square Soon After the Late Kings Death by E Young the Third Edition
Adelaide of Wulfingen a Tragedy in Four Acts (Exemplifying the Barbarity Which Prevailed During the Thirteenth Century) from the German of Augustus Von Kotzebue by Benjamin Thompson Jun as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane
The Only Way for England to Be Savd from the Plague Considerd in Two Sermons Preachd at Broadstreet in Wapping December the 8th 1721 Being the Day Appointed by His Majesty for a Publick-Fast on the Account of the Plague by T Payn and W Bush
Family Devotion Or an Exhortation to Morning and Evening Prayer in Families with Two Forms of Prayer Suited to Those Two Seasons and Also Fitted for the Use of One Person in Private by Edmund Gibson DD the Thirty-Second Edition
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Brecknock with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement by Mr John Clark Steward to Viscount Hereford Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
Thoughts Upon Thinking Or a New Theory of the Human Mind Wherein a Physical Rationale of the Formation of Our Ideas Is Attempted Upon Principles Entirely New
Jacobs Difficult Prophecy Napthali Is a Hind Let Loose He Giveth Goodly Words (Gen X1ix21) Made Out and Explained a Sermon Preached at the Wednesday-Lecture at St Jamess Church at Bury St Edmunds August 30 1758 by R Kedington
Our Duty as Patriots Protestants and Christians in a Time of War Represented and Inforced in a Sermon Preached at Haberdashers Hall May 23 on Occasion of the Public Declaration of War Against the French King May 18 1756 by Thomas Gibbons
Practical Discourses on the Following Subjects I Mans Original State II the Fall of Adam III Jesus Christ as a Saviour IV Justification by Faith V the Spirit and Its Fruits by Nicholas Manners the Second Edition Corrected and Abridged
Bengal Sugar an Account of the Method and Expence of Cultivating the Sugar-Cane in Bengal With Calculations of the First Cost to the Manufacturer and Exporter! in a Letter from a Planter and Distiller in Bengal to His Friend in London
Wisdom the First Spring of Action in the Deity a Discourse in Which Among Other Things The Absurdity of Gods Being Acted by Natural Inclinations and of an Unbounded Liberty Is Shown by the Late Rev Mr Henry Grove the Second Edition

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